The Cuvées

Brut Rosé

This is a classic delicate, gourmet rosé champagne

The robe is reminiscent of rose petals. The healthy effervescence builds to an attractive mousse.

The initial aroma is fruity (strawberries and redcurrants) and floral (peonies). Wheat, biscuit and crème fraiche notes are detectable, as are hints of more roasted flavours.

The initial taste is clean, and then opens up to a pleasant structured quality. There is real harmony to this wine, bolstered by fine acidity, light tannin notes and discrete sweetness. Because it sparkles enthusiastically, the texture goes from ‘gentle’ to ‘firm’ and back again.

It is long and the finish is slightly smoky with mineral notes.


This is a classic delicate, gourmet rosé champagne, but it has great structure and an attractive character.

Service and suggestion

Serve at 8 to 10°C .

This is not a wine that obviously pairs with seafood. With a texture that wavers between gentleness and firmness, it complements all cold meats except the fattiest and most highly cured. Select, for example, cured ham, spiced ham, brawn, or andouille and andouillette sausages

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