The Cuvées

Cuvée Paradis Rosé 2007

A champagne for gastronomes

There is a coppery tint to the robe. The highly luminous quality of the wine enhances the slowly rising fine bubbles. It effervesces at a steady tempo.

The first aromatic impression is one of airy lightness, with floral and mineral tones. Saffron, toast and new leather then reveal themselves. The closing notes are orange blossom and red berries. It stands up very well to aeration.

The initial taste is fresh and full-bodied, and the bubbles melt immediately into the wine. This wine is expansive, concentrated and bold in the mouth. The sweetness dissipates to reveal a heavier taste underpinned by clay minerality. Its intense character gives it a creamy texture.

It has a long finish at 8 to 10 seconds during which it becomes drier in texture. It is structured and full-bodied.


This is a thoroughbred champagne in its origins and in its expression. With stronger qualities in its wine taste than as a sparkling drink, its power and quality improve in the flute. It has real potential and gourmet style.

Service and suggestion

Serve at 10 to 14°C .

It can also be served in carafes so that its aromatic and structural potential fully emerges.

It pairs ideally with the most tender of meats, such as very delicate fish, beef, lamb or veal fillets, or the best butcher’s cuts.

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