The Cuvées

Brut Nature

An authentic champagne

The golden yellow robe has an alluring glow. Its numerous bubbles are fine, with a calm, regular tempo.

The first nose is intense and forthright. Immediately apparent are candied aromas, with hints of dried fruits and nuts and caramelised butter. Jasmine notes and nuts (especially hazelnuts) are revealed during aeration. This is a wine that develops very quickly in the flute.

The initial taste is vivid and the bubbles effervesce enthusiastically. Because there is no sweetness, the bright, svelte body of the wine can be fully appreciated. There is a limestone and acidic aspect to the minerality, and the wine’s texture is opulent.

The finish perfectly completes the notes explored in the mouth. With a sharp, opulent edge, it is acidic and clean.


This is a successful champagne that makes no apologies for its baroque, energetic flavours.

Service and suggestion

Serve at 8°C.

It will be most enjoyed when paired with solidly textured foods such as lobster, cured ham, small game birds, aged gouda or mimolette cheese.

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