The Cuvées

Cuvée Paradis 2013

A champagne for those who appreciate great wines

The magnificent, deep robe is delicately effervescent, with rising vertical columns of tiny, elegant bubbles that are reminiscent of lace.

The initial nose has discreet yet rich aromas of ladyfinger biscuit, grapefruit, orange peel and almond. These are followed by a more exotic note of passion fruit, pineapple, lime, silver ragwort and seaweed. Later still, the tantalising fragrance of brioche emerges. This is a complex, highly original set of aromas.

The attack on the palate is delicate and develops gently. The bubbles seem to melt within the body of the wine, which is robust, and supported by the sugar content attains a comfortingly creamy texture that is particularly enjoyable, almost reminiscent of umami. Throughout the tasting, the acidity heightens, culminating in the finish, which is very long (over 10 seconds) and delivers a burst of intense flavours: acidity, sweetness and salinity. It closes with a chalky minerality, with aromas of honey and brioche lingering on the palate.


The ultimate in excellence. The balance achieved in this cuvée is so remarkable that it evokes notions of purity. We can also conclude with certainty that this champagne will make an excellent thirty year old.

Service and suggestion

Serve at 10 to 12°C in a champagne coupe or wine glass.

Take advantage of this champagne’s creamy texture to serve tender fish or poultry with cream or butter sauces. It also pairs ideally with langoustine.

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